I´m a Portuguese Writer

I think I am not a writer, but a Reader.

Actually I choose to be an enterpreneur, living and working in Goiânia, the best city in the center of my country Brazil, near the federal capital: Brasilia.

My personal history with the art of writing starts in my childhood, when at age of 6, my grandmother show me the importance of to read.
With my `vovó´ (that means grandma in Portuguese), I´ve learned the beautiful art to get the letters put togheter by other person and understand that “b+a=bá”. That´s because we used to say that with grandmothers we learnt the “be-a-bá” (I mean the first understand of the reading). It was the pre-Montessori methods of today´s schools. For me, since then writing it is the art of reading.

When I war 7 years old I went to an institution to orphans that give me material and spiritual conditions to live, having access to school and have food. At age of 17, I could enter in a Federal University at Goiás, in the 3rd. place of Physics graduation. In the time expended at the city of Anápolis, in my childhood, my experience as writer was very interesting, because I wrote several letters from the other children adressed to their godfathers in USA, in Portuguese for sure, which ones were translated for someone else in a place between Brazil and US.

When I was 19 years old I started to write a lot as a registrar in the Brazilian Federal Police. It was a tough job, that I used to compensate with an acquisition of very good books, reading of all subjects. Few months after, I could change the situation starting a differente path to my unfinished way to learn how to get money with writing. I started to work for a Brazilian Saving Bank as advisor of communication. It was a very good experience that I´ve never forget. The books continue with me, at that time prefered in French (my first foreign language that I´ve learned).

In the last ten years, due to family issues and my job in the IT industry, I am trying to learn the English language. That is the reason I´m very proud to be here in this course, not as writer but a very enthusiastic reader. The dream comes true with Coursera that provide this for me at age of 58, for free – and I hope – for fun too. Now I have my blog (https://betoqueiroz.com/) the place that I express myself as a a Brazilian Writer.



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