Um poema de john o’donoue

Nothing Else Matters*

From you
I don’t want anything new
no more gifts
nor the scent of landscapes
rising to fill us,
no bouquets of insight
left by my head
in the tenderness of morning,

no intoxication
of thoughts that open horizons
where rooms are low,
nor the sever of spring
under the grid of old words
that has set on our skin,
nor my favorite blue,
the cobalt
colour of silence.

All I want
is your two hands
pulsing in mine,
the two of us
back in a circle
round our love.
*Fonte: Echoes of Memory_ODonohe
O’DONOUE, John. “Echoes of Memory”, Three River Press, N.York, 1994, p.81.
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